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Salon Brixton

Salon Brixton

Another weekend, another brunch and best of all, brunch on my doorstep in the foodie honeypot Brixton Village. It is such a pleasure living somewhere where the places to eat are so endless and so eclectic although the one (small) downside is that you are often beholden to queues as most places do not take reservations.


Not so with Salon which has re-opened its doors on Market Row following a refurb and expansion.  Armed with our brunch reservation my friend Felicity and I braced a frosty November morning to go brunching.


With not an avocado in sight, Salon's menu was refreshingly different to conventional brunch menus in London and changes regularly. Some favourites remain on the menu, such as the hallmark Sriarcha Royale - salmon smoked in-house, rye soda bread, poached duck egg, greens and a Sriracha chilli hollandaise - which I went for and implore you to try, because Reader; it was really quite fantastic. The salmon is thickly cut, the Sriracha chilli hollandaise had a good kick without being overbearing, the duck egg was rich and gooey and the Irish in me cannot resist a bit of soda bread.

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Felicity had roasted pumpkin and smashed cannellini beans on sourdough with marinated feta, herbs and chilli and a poached duck egg. The warm pumpkin and spiced marinade were a welcome change to smashed avo and part of Salon's use of seasonal produce.


Both of these were substantial meals but we had already spotted banana bread with homemade Nutella on the menu and we were fools if we did not take the opportunity to indulge.


Oh my goodness me this is worth the reservation alone. The homemade Nutella is wonderfully coarse and claggy as Nutella should be and the banana bread is moist and just-about one of your five a day. It's quite a low-key decadent way to spend a weekend but we did not regret a single part!


It is no surprise to see Salon get such a glowing review in the Evening Standard following its facelift, I would definitely consider it as one of the best brunches I have had since living in London. It may, though, make it harder to get a reservation next time!

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