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Mulled Wine Poached Pear Tart

Mulled Wine Poached Pear Tart

As I write this we have just had Epiphany which - sadly - marks the end of Christmas. And although our Christmas tree is now reduced to an emaciated trunk and my various timelines are in full New-Year-New-Me-New-Detox swing, I'm not yet ready to perform a full lifestyle volte-face.

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I flatter myself (I watched far too much 1995 Pride and Prejudice over the festive break) that this is more of a winter dessert than a Christmassy one meaning it can be enjoyed well into January, the bleakest of the mid-winter.


I poached the pears in mulled wine but you could use red wine and any mixture of spices, fruits or flavours that you prefer. After poaching the mulled wine is reduced to a gorgeous, sticky syrup which can be drizzled over ice cream, added to porridge or enjoyed in a cocktail or even champagne.

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The filling is frangipane which I could honestly eat out of the bowl with a spoon I love it so much. The warm, nuttiness of the soft almond filling works well with the sticky, tart flavour of the pears.

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Working with pastry can be finicky and delicate but there are some super helpful tutorials out there such as this one. If you prefer, shop-bought pastry can be used in lieu. You may have a small amount leftover but this can always be made into something like a small quiche or some sausage rolls!

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Why not enjoy January with this worthy tart, a delicious alternative to the abstemious path that we are often used to walking this time of year.

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