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Salted Caramel 'Goldmine' Brownies

Salted Caramel 'Goldmine' Brownies

As I write this, Lent is fast approaching and the Goldmine Brownie was a must-bake before my impending fast. Every year now, I give up sugary 'things' (cakes, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate: yes, wine, fruit, bread: no) and as way of preparing I try to eat as many sugar-laden, calorific treats so that by the time Ash Wednesday swings around I am ready to embrace the detox.


The Goldmine Brownie from Fatties Bakery is exactly the sort of last-hurrah indulgence I was looking for and is not for the faint-hearted.


I had been lusting over it for a while as picture after picture adorned my Instagram feed but hadn't yet made the trip down to Maltby Street Market to get my hands on one. The Goldmine brownie is a Thing of Beauty, a dark chocolate brownie oozing with salted caramel.


In a strange sisterly-telepathic turn of events, my darling sister gave me Chloe Timms's aka Fatties Bakery cookbook for Christmas and I had the chance to try my hand at the decadent fare as long as I could master the art of caramel.


Chloe's cookbook includes a Caramel 101 which was perfect for amateurs like me. I have always considered making caramel quite a daunting task but Chloe has a number of tips to ensure that caramel doesn't burn. Making sure that all sugar crystals around the side of a pan are fully dissolved by using a pastry brush and some warm water was invaluable and meant I somehow managed to make a wet caramel with considerable ease.


The brownies themselves are deliciously gooey - Chloe encourages you to slightly underbake them so that the mixture still jiggles before chilling them for 4 hours. These aren't the sort of brownies you make on a whim or to meet a sudden craving but the pay-off once they are ready is worth the endeavour.


These brownies are incredibly rich and part of this comes from the addition of espresso. Mine were perhaps a tad on the underbaked side and the caramel poked through but not bad for a first attempt. These are not the kind of brownies you can eat without getting your hands dirty!


After I had made a batch I was keen to visit Chloe's stall in Maltby Street Market to try the original and compare mine with hers. To my immense sadness Chloe is no longer selling her Goldmines due to another vendor at the market seemingly monopolisng the sale of brownies. This brownie impasse does seem quite unnecessary but it did give me the opportunity to try a Peanut Turtle - a gorgeous peanut, dark chocolate and caramel cookie so all was not lost. Make Brownies Not War is exactly the sort of hill I would die on and I sincerely hope that these brownies are back on the menu before too long.


For now I just have my own version to feast upon and what a feast they are!




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