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Mini Egg Pancakes

Mini Egg Pancakes

Easter Sunday marks the end of my Lenten fast which, for the last few years, has meant giving up sugary 'things'. Consequently breakfast on Easter Sunday is now quite the indulgent blow-out.


Big, fluffy, American-style pancakes with homemade chocolate sauce marks my reacquiantance with the world of sugar and I made them Easter appropriate by adding Mini Eggs.


Over the years I have tried out many different pancake recipes but the best one that I have come across is from Barney Desmazery. The batter is thick and gloopy which yields perfectly light and fluffy pancakes.


When mixing your pancake batter it is important not to over-mix the batter as this weakens any leavening agents which are key to the pancakes' rise. Instead of trying to beat all of the lumps out of the batter, just whisk until the last traces of flour have disappeared.

It is also because of the leavening agents that it is best to make your pancake mixture fresh and not the night before. Raising agents are active as soon as they are mixed together and leaving the batter overnight reduces their efficacy.


In this pancake recipe I add chopped up Mini Eggs to the pancake after they are in the pan. This is so that the chocolate doesn't burn whilst the pancake is cooking.


Maple syrup is a common bedfellow to pancakes but at Easter I prefer chocolate sauce which is very easy to make although it does require your full attention. If you take your eye off the ball a chocolate sauce can split but luckily there is an easy remedy! Simply add a teaspoon of boiling water to the mixture and whisk until smooth.

The pancakes, coated in a rich chocolate sauce and laden with scattered Mini Eggs was the perfect breakfast to hail Easter and, if not quite the saviour of brunch, came pretty close.

Mini Egg Cookie Bars

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