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Mini Egg Cookie Bars

Mini Egg Cookie Bars

Easter remains in full swing chez Roulade and Rose with chocolate eggs and bunnies adorning every room.


Since Easter Sunday I have been trying to pace myself with the sweet stuff and resist a daily overdose which is a lot easier said than done, particularly when making these Mini Egg Cookie Bars!


Cookie bars or blondies? There isn't really much difference between the two as I discovered when making my Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Blondies last year.


These Mini Egg Cookie Bars are delicious although I cannot take the credit for the recipe, they are from Jane's Patisserie.


Jane's recipe uses cornflour which makes the cookie bars really soft and chewy and places them more on the cookie side of the cookie bar-blondie spectrum. I always find that I finish cookies before I've really got into them so these cookie bars are the perfect solution!


The thing I love about Cookie Bar/Blondies is that they aren't as rich as brownie recipes. My taste buds are evolving (maturing?) and I'm beginning to find that rich, chocolatey goods are a bit too much for me. (Is this the beginning of The End? Hopefully not!)


For the recipe head to Jane's website - these cookie bars are really easy to make and, if you've eaten your stash of Mini Eggs, can be easily substituted with any other chocolate you have to hand.

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