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Funfetti Oreo Blondies

Funfetti Oreo Blondies

There are some pictures that, once you've seen them, you cannot get them out of your mind. Of things that are stuck in my head, ninety per cent revolve around baked goods.


I have had the image of a Funfetti Oreo Blondie in my head since April 2017 when it popped up on my feed courtesy of Balaboosta's Bakery. Balaboosta's are a New York bakery whose modus operandi is food porn. The most decadent stuffed cookies, blondies, brownies and cakes adorn their feed and every single one makes me salivate. Balaboosta's are an online only business and it was inevitable that I would try and coordinate a delivery for my upcoming trip to the Big Apple.


Back to the blondies. Having never tried the Balaboosta's version myself I tried to imagine what it would contain. The blondies are jam-packed with sprinkles, Oreos and chocolate chips - a smorgasbord of childhood treats - but each one brings a different texture and flavour.


There is something about the colour of the sprinkles in a cake that I just love. It evokes such happy feelings which I can only attribute to birthday parties when I was a zany ten year old.


These blondies are so delicious that I cannot imagine how good the original inspiration must taste. The light, butterscotch taste of the blondie is punctured with large chunks of rich Oreo and the soft melted chocolate chips and crunchy, colourful sprinkles are in every other mouthful.


The funfetti part - the sprinkles - are actually quite important. Sprinkles are different to hundreds and thousands (or non-pareils) and the latter bleed when used in baking. The popping colour of these blondies is what makes them so fun so it's really important that the sprinkles you use retain their colour. I've had mixed results with supermarket stocks of sprinkles in the past and so went instead to Amazon where I purchased a fairly large tub of Cake Mate sprinkles. The recipe only calls for 40g and so you get far more sprinkles than you need but it means that when you next make a funfetti cake or even just these blondies again, you've got a strong supply.


For a good basic blondie recipe I recommend reading Felicity Cloake's masterclass series which explains the reasoning behind the ingredients.


Blondies that are as tasty as they are pretty - I can't believe I waited a year to try them out!

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