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Rhubarb and Marzipan Citrus Cake

Rhubarb and Marzipan Citrus Cake

Spring has firmly sprung and with it comes the bloom of gloriously pink rhubarb.


I absolutely love baking with rhubarb, not least because it is so visually appealing. I've used Yorkshire forced rhubarb which has a stronger colour than tender stem but either would work here.


Rhubarb pairs really well with almond, the sweet, nutty flavour of marzipan against the tangy, tartness of rhubarb.


The recipe for this rhubarb and marzipan cake is one from BBC Good Food and when I first came across it I was surprised that it was a traybake. It works well, though, as the cake is suitably moist and feels more like a frangipane tart than a cake.


The cake is nice and light which is, in part, down to the addition of polenta and ground almonds with the flour.


I haven't adapted the recipe at all except to serve it with mascarpone instead of creme fraiche.


For the recipe head to BBC Good Food, it is the perfect dessert for these warm evenings now upon us.

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