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S'mores Bars

S'mores Bars

My blogging escapades have been on hiatus after I recovered from breaking my wrist earlier this summer. It happened whilst rollerblading around Central Park in New York, which, I've been told is a pretty cool way to do it though it didn't make it any less painful! All of a sudden I was prevented from writing, holding a knife, and, most devastatingly, tying my hair back! Baking, let alone blogging about it was off the table.


I was in New York for a dear friend's birthday and to continue my food odyssey in my favourite city. Whenever I visit I always pack in far more places to eat than my body can physically take thanks to the slew of NYC instagrammers who post endless, enviable snaps of pizza, cookies, cupcakes, pasta, the list goes on.


One of these accounts is Hangry Marz, a student called Mariam whose feed I constantly drool over. Recently I came across her own creation of a S'mores Bar and I felt suitably inspired to adapt her recipe to make a British version.


Mariam has a video of how she made the bars and the two main differences between hers and mine are that she uses Graham Crackers - the American biscuit of choice for a S'more - and a sugar cookie box-mix for the bar base. I swapped in biscuit stalwart Digestives and made a basic cookie base.


These S'mores bars take no time at all to make and are best served warm, with the chocolate melted and the marshmallows soft and squidgy. They are the perfect thing to make as we head into Autumn!

Cheat's Chocolate Babka

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